Summer Bucket List for Couples

It’s almost that time of the year. Summer!!! I’m bringing you a bucket list that my boyfriend and I have put together because we want to make good use of our time together this summer. This list includes many fun things you could do with anyone that will be little to no cost! Saving money is so great, isn’t it?  🙂

Summer Bucket List

  1. Volunteer
  2. Baking day
  3. Movie marathon
  4. Marathon a new tv series
  5. Mini book club
  6. Learn sign language (or any other language)
  7. Bible study
  8. Picnic
  9. Go hiking
  10. Museums- I believe some are free?
  11. Shows- There are probably some free shows in your area, so go out and check them out!
  12. Attend church together
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Throw a frisbee
  15. An outdoors day
  16. Make homemade ice cream
  17. Make homemade holiday cards
  18. Do a puzzle
  19. Make your own recipe book
  20. Go to discount/free movie showings
  21. Go somewhere to pick your own strawberries (or any other fruit)
  22. Teach each other something
  23. Make bouncy balls- There are lots of different “recipes” for these on Pinterest. I’ll make a post about which “recipe” we use and how well it works!
  24. Listen to a podcast
  25. Go rollerblading
  26. Play 20 questions
  27. Play protect the tree
  28. Play with Legos
  29. Go to fairs/festivals
  30. Put together a photo album of photos you’ve taken together
  31. Fly a kite
  32. Have a photo shoot
  33. Take pictures in a photo booth
  34. Work out
  35. Play soccer
  36. Plan a fancy date night
  37. Write a book/story
  38. Go swimming
  39. Board game night
  40. Video games night
  41. Stargaze
  42. Learn something together using Youtube
  43. Try new recipes (I go to Pinterest for this)
  44. Laundry basket skee ball- What can I say? We are kids at heart. Here’s where I found the idea.
  45. Write each other letters
  46. Take a walk
  47. Go on a run
  48. Make light sabers and use said light sabers to have a light saber battle- Again, we are kids. Here’s an easy and pretty cheap way to make them.
  49. Make caramel apples


I hope you enjoyed these ideas for summer fun! I’d love to hear what is on YOUR bucket list, so feel free to share down below! 🙂






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