Bookish Pet Peeves

There are some things that just bug me. Like, BIG TIME! You know those people who just find the need to blurt out something about the book you are reading and you just sit and stare at them in shock?? Yup, that is one example of one of my bookish pet peeves. Read on to hear some more, and let me know in the comments if you can relate!!

Note: I am asking you all to not be offended by anything in this ranty post. I am a very sarcastic person and never mean any harm. This is all in good fun here at A Little Slice of Jamie! 🙂

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  1. Books in a series that are not the same height/form (paperback/hardback). Seriously, this has got to be my biggest pet peeve. If I buy the first book in a series, I will buy the rest of the series in the same form as the first one. However, sometimes this still gives them different heights if you wait to long to buy the rest of the books. WHY. I have the Matched trilogy and the first book is a good inch and a half shorter than the rest. Makes me so mad every time I look at them. One day, I’m rebuying it so they are all the same heights.
  2. Books not of the same cover style. When I am trying to collect all the books in a series and they suddenly change the covers, I get so irritated. Then you almost have to rebuy the whole series just so they match. Maybe this makes me a bit obsessive, but I don’t care. I am a very picky book collector!!
  3. People who fold the corners of pages. If you want to remember what page you are on, use a freaking book mark (*cough* Joshua *cough*). It is not that hard to just use the nearest piece of paper (even if it is a clean tissue)! Books have feelings too!
  4. Damaged books. I struggle to lend books out to people because a few people have abused my trust. I have gotten books back in TERRIBLE condition and I wanted to cry. Now, I always have to give a little lecture before lending my books out. Luckily, those who borrow my books know this about me and are very gentle with them. One time, one of my friends even said how they only opened the book up to the point where they could just read the page…loved to hear that.
  5. BEING INTERRUPTED WHILE READING A GOOD BOOK. I honestly get so grumpy and mad. You know that quote about if you have your headphones in, it means you don’t want to be talked to? Yeah, that’s me with books.
  6. Having to stop reading mid chapter. Okay, so I do this all of the time, but I don’t really necessarily like doing it. When I stop mid chapter, it always takes me a bit to remember what was going on when I next pick up the book. I have to get immersed in the world all over again, and I would much rather just read the whole book in one sitting (sadly, that’s not possible for me…being an adult sucks, people).
  7. Getting tired while reading. Why??? Especially at night, I get so tired when I read (again, I hate being an adult…I’m always so tired by 10:30). I wish I could stay up all night reading like I would when I was younger. It always made me feel like a rebel! Reading…so bad for you…lol
  8. The fact that you cannot watch Netflix and read. Okay, you COULD. And I have sort of done it before because I couldn’t decide what to do, so obviously I chose both. But, honestly, I have only read 3-4 books this year because of Netflix. When I watch Netflix, I can do so many other things, EXCEPT read. I enjoy reading the most when I can sit and only pay attention to my book (which I did for hours yesterday and oh I’ve missed doing that!) Life has just gotten in the way, so it has been easier to just turn on a current tv episode and go about my chores and hobbies. This blog is getting me to read more, so I would say that making this blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. J
  9. Misspelled words in ebooks. I read this ebook (the book was a freebie) a couple years ago that had so many misspelled words and grammar mistakes that I couldn’t even enjoy the book. It has made me stray away from free ebooks, but if you guys have any recommendations, send them my way! I know I’ve read some pretty good ones, one being Vampire University.
  10. SPOILERS. Okay, I’m not talking about the ones in book reviews and such because I know what I am getting into with that. HOWEVER, when someone just blurts out, (spoiler alert….SPOILER ALERT…I warned you) “has she left yet,” when I am reading Paper Towns and had no idea that she was going to leave (I tend to not read the synopsis of books right before I read them, but only when I buy them), I get so mad. I always try to lie to myself and say I never heard it, but that never seems to work…

I hope you enjoyed reading about my bookish pet peeves and can relate to some of them! What are some of your bookish pet peeves??




13 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. This is great! I can relate to some of them, especially #4, haha. I now only lend books to certain people because I’ve been burned before – I’ve had books that go unreturned and I’ve given up on after 10 years, books that came back in less-than-pristine conditions… like I understand everyone has different reading styles but if you’re borrowing someone else’s books, maybe just make sure you’re careful with it? Yeah. D:

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  2. Oh this is such a great post, and I can relate with ALL of these things. I’m so mad when I’m interrupted while I’m reading, when the book is just that good, ahah, and oh I hate having to stop in the middle of a chapter. And spoilers… I always try to avoid them, but sometimes people aren’t careful -or, I can’t resist, I will admit it haha-, and I’m so sad afterwards haha. Great post 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much!! And I’m the same way with spoilers! Sometimes, Ik they are coming, but my eyes wonder down a few lines and then I’ll see something huge. That happened to me for Allegient (not saying what, but if you’ve read the book you know what huge thing happens at the end of the book Lol). Thanks again!

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