Book Fog

Hey guys! Today I am doing a discussion-like post about something that I call a Book Fog. A very great, but annoying side effect from reading a very, very good book.

Book Fog

So, alright, let’s start off with a story. When I went on vacation in June, I was reading Paper Towns, sitting poolside. I hadn’t read a book in quite awhile (why, Jamie, whyyyy), and I was just soaking that book right up like a sponge. (I wrote a review that you can read here.) As I was sitting there, completely engrossed in Margo and Quentin’s story, my sister interrupts it and says “Jamie do you want to go into the pool?” I am half there mentally and have no interest in going in. Let’s just say my answer of “in a bit” was understood as never…which was true because I couldn’t put that book down.

So this being half there mentally is what I am here to talk about. When I am reading an amazing book, I HATE being interrupted. It is in your best interest to just leave me alone, honestly. I get into such an awful mood because I just want to read until the book is done so I can find out what happens.

When I was reading the Vampire Academy series, I would have to stop reading to go work, and all I’d be able to think about is the book. I wasn’t at work, I was still in the book. While this feeling is wonderful, it would quite literally drive me crazy because I couldn’t seem to snap out of this reverie.

However, when a book puts me into a book fog, I know it is a great book. It is good enough to make me want to stay in that world. My life is just so boring compared to, say, Tessa’s, Jem’s, and Will’s lives (The Infernal Devices series, which I have reviews up for here, and here so far), so obviously I would rather be in their world. I would do ANYTHING to be a shadowhunter.

When I am in a book fog, it is usually in my best interest to just finish the book. I am never productive when I am in that state anyway, so I usually just sit myself down and read. Of course, that isn’t always possible when you have a job and other adult stuff to attend to (ugh…adulting sucksss guys!).

I have been pretty good at avoiding book fogs lately. I just know I have a lot of other stuff to do, so I just read smaller amounts in increments. Sometimes, that just can’t be avoided (like for Clockwork Princess, which I am reading now and LOVING), so I just do my best to focus on my actual life instead of the life of the people I am reading about (BORING, but it has to be done).

So, I want to know if any of you have ever been in a book fog. AND I want to know what book/books it was that put you into that book fog. Comment below and let me know! Later, folks! J



3 thoughts on “Book Fog

  1. OMG! You just described ME!! Hahaha That happens to me all the time but I’m kind of glad though because I’m happy that there are good books out there that can capture my attention that much. Then I’m amazed how authors can write such amazing stories. It’s really hard to go on with life and get the chores done so that we could get back to reading, but it’s nice to have reading to look forward to. 😊

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