The Pros and Cons of Lending Out Books


Hello wonderful human beings! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I’ve been pretty energetic, unlike the past two weeks. I would just sit around at night, too tired to do much. But I have gotten so much accomplished so far this week. I’ve done lots of cleaning, but not enough reading. Hopefully I can get back into my book soon!


Now, onto today’s post. I wanted to write another discussion-type post all about the pros and cons of lending out books. There are bad things that can happen when someone else has possession of your book, but great things can result from giving someone one of your treasured babies…erm, books.

The Pros:

  1. The person might take amazing care of your book, making them your new best friend. Okay, okay…maybe not best friend, but hey, you have to keep people like that around!
  2. The person may love that book you lent them, giving you someone to talk to about that book. I love lending out my favorite books because then I can talk to the other person about the book. Book talks are the best talks!
  3. It is so fun to have someone “shop” for a book in my library. I get so giddy and end up handing every single book to the person until they seem uncomfortable or bored.
  4. Sharing your interests! Maybe someone you’ve lent a book to will lend you a book in return!


The Cons:

  1. The book might come back damaged. Enough said.
  2. This goes along with #1, but someone might get food or other substances on the pages of the book. Get the food AWAY from the book. Please and thank you!
  3. The book could get lost. IF SOMEONE WOULD LOSE MY BOOK I WOULD MAKE THEM BUY ME A NEW ONE! I should really make a contract about these things.
  4. The book could get passed onto more people without you giving the okay. I would definitely NOT be ok with this. I have to make sure that the people who receive my books are respectable and responsible human beings.
  5. The moment that book leaves your possession, you may want to read it.
  6. The person might hate the book. I, myself, share books that I love with my friends and I kind of feel bad when they don’t like it. I wanted them to enjoy the book, but instead, they had to force themselves through it. That is not acceptable! So how do I fix this problem? WELL…if they took care of the book…I’ll give them a different book, obviously.
  7. Lending out a book is STRESSFUL! I will worry about who has my books and what they are doing with it. My books are so important to me and it takes courage to let people take them off of the safety of my bookshelf.


I hope you all enjoyed this short post. I am actually starting to get super tired as I write this (and it is only 9 pm), so I had Joshua Charles help me out (he came up with almost half of these). Words of Josh: “People are going to think I’m a bookworm, but I’m not. I’ve just been with [you] long enough to know to keep my paws off your books.” Haha!

It was very hard to come up with pros, but pretty easy to come up with cons. Clearly, I’m pretty hesitant about lending out my books! Are there any other pros or cons that you guys can think of? Are you hesitant about lending out books? Do you lend out books often? Have you made any friends from lending out your favorite books?



7 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Lending Out Books

  1. Personally, I love letting people borrow my books. I love the dialogue we have afterwards. Often, my friends will come back with a different opinion or perspective than I have– which makes for great conversations. But, I totally understand your concerns with lending out books… It’s a challenge sometimes to make that leap!

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