#ThrowbackThursday Reader Edition


Hello all! So today, I want to do something fun. AND I want you to do it too. So every once in awhile, I want to do throwback Thursdays. Today, I’m going to talk about when I started reading and everything I remember about those first years of reading. I want you to share your stories too! I don’t plan on doing these every Thursday, but I think It’ll be fun to share some of my book-related past every once in awhile.


Okay, so when I was a little tike (like Preschool years), my mom decided she wanted to teach me how to read. I like to say she was just annoyed with my energetic self, but I don’t think it was just that. The business was probably starting to kick off and she needed to distract me with something.

I went to Preschool for three years as well, because I was too young to move on the first two years (no, I wasn’t dumb…lol). But I loved to read right away. My mom used forms of bribery to make me a good reader. Bribery means she actually paid me for reading books. Here’s the catch though: I had to read the entire book out loud and get every single word right, which would take many tries. In return, I’d get a quarter. To little me, that was A LOT of money.

I specifically remember one book that I read because I had to read it so so many times before I got all the words right. It was a book about buttons. I even remember the cover. It was pretty memorable!

I made these Ipad stands by the way…I’m pretty proud of them!

We also had these bigger story books that I always wanted to read when I was little. My mom said she’d give me $1 for those, so I had the goal to read them….buuttt I never read them. That was too daunting for me!

So from there, I became a reader. We are all a certain breed. We read big books at a young age and always have a book in our hand. People called me a readaholic because I was always reading. I took it as a compliment.

In Elementary and Middle school, we had to get AR points. Everytime we read a book, we had to take a quiz and passing the quiz would give us so many points. There was a requirement for how many we needed, but I always surpassed it…by a lot. I even have certificates that says I had the new record for the number of AR points that was ever given. I’m pretty proud of that, folks.

Book in picture: Gone With the Wind…this is one of my Senior pictures from High School

Oh…the good ol’ days. When I could “go to bed” at 7 pm just to start a book and try to finish it in the same night (this did happen quite often). When I would get grounded from reading for not doing my chores. When I would have that constant excitement that a good book brought on. This excitement still exists, but it isn’t as real as it was when I was a kid. I miss that.

Reading has been one of my favorite hobbies for my entire life. Going to the school library was always my favorite part of the day, and I’d leave with 8-10 books each time. I had so much fun finding new worlds to dive into. I devoured the words and learned so many new ones each time I read a new book.

I was that kid who got a pocket dictionary at age 12 (somewhere around there) and was elated about receiving it. I remember skipping into the office when my mom said it came in the mail. My cousin came to visit and told me to look up “studious.” I still remember what it means to this day. It was the first word I looked up in that dictionary, after all! I carried it around with me and everytime I found a word I didn’t know, I’d look it up in my handy dandy pocket dictionary. I know, I’m a major nerd, but that makes me happy.

So, what’s your story??? Share it with the reading community, especially with me! I want to know those nerdy confessions! Share your posts with me and I’ll be sure to read them. And on another note, I want to say thank you to you all for liking, commenting, following, and simply making my day.

-Much Love, Jamie


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