My Bookish Christmas Wish List


Long time no see bookish friends!! I’ve been busy, and I apologize for putting my blog on the back burner….again. For the next 3 weeks I should be posting consistently because I’ll be on break! I’m excited to be home for more than just two days in a row! BUT, I am not ready for classes to start up again in January. Eeeek…I’m scared.

Well, for today’s post, I wanted to share with you all what I put on my Christmas list! Well, the bookish items, anyway. Most of the books (or all) I have read and just want to collect. Let me know what books you all have on your Christmas list! Also, let me know if any of the books on mine are on yours too!

  1. Owlcrate Subscription. I have been eyeing Owlcrate since they first started their subscription service. First of all, I LOVE owls. Second of all, I LOVE books. Owlcrate sounds pretty perfect for me. Someday, I will definitely buy myself a bookish subscription box AND I’ll share it with you all.
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians boxed set. So have you guys seen the Percy Jackson boxed set where the spines make a picture? It has waves and is a pretty teal color. I have been wanting them from the moment I saw them! This is one of my all time favorite series, but I only one one of the books.
  3. A Listography Book. I love making lists. They can be so much fun. I discovered some cool Listography books and thought, “I’ll just throw one on my Christmas list because yolo.” Side note: I kinda hate the yolo trend but I find myself saying it. Whoops!
  4. Funko Pops. I’ve started my collection!!! I have Ron, Hermoine, and Harry…and now I want ALL DA FUNKOS! They are so cute and definitely step up my Insta game.
  5. Agatha Christy books. So two of my favorite Agatha Christy books are Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express. They are amazing mystery books if any of you are into that genre! Agatha Christy is my favorite adult mystery writer and I really need to read more of her books. I’ve only read a few, but loved every second of them. I can never guess the murderer in her books!
  6. Nancy Drew books. Nancy Drew books were my FAVORITE in my Middle School years. They are perfect mystery books for younger individuals, but I sometimes find myself craving them now….and I’m 20 years old. Ha!
  7. Eragon and Eldest. I am trying to collect the rest of this series in hardback. I own the last two (This is The Inheritance Cycle in case ya don’t know that…I recommend them if you like fantasy and dragons.)
  8. Inkheart and Inkspell. I am also trying to collect the entire Inkheart trilogy in hardback. I own the third book (Inkdeath) in hardback and I just want them all. This was another one of my all time favorites when I was younger.
  9. Book related candles. I keep seeing all of these awesome candles on Instagram, so now I want some of my own. Recommend some of your favorites in the comments!!
  10. Cool bookmarks. Here and here are two examples. I also like all the ones that people make on Etsy. Instagram has me wanting so many cool Etsy items.

Well, those are all the bookish items on my Christmas wish list! Do you guys see any similarities between my list and your list?



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