Book Haul #3


Hello all!! I told myself I wouldn’t buy any books for a few months because of Christmas…..but then Book Outlet had a sale. Whoops. BUT!! I got a GREAT deal. 7 brand new hardbacks for $31 (this includes shipping)!!! I just couldn’t pass that up.

What I got from Book Outlet:


I have been eyeing most of these for quite some time, so when I saw them on sale, I jumped at that opportunity!! Afterworlds came in slightly damaged 😦 but the inside is just so pretty with the black and white pages!! Have any of you read any of these??

What I received for Christmas:


I didn’t receive many books for Christmas, which I was absolutely okay with! I have so many that I need to read yet! I’ve read all three of these Agatha Christie books, but I wanted to own them, so I put them on my Christmas list. And then I received that awesome bookmark that is so accurate for when I’m reading. THEN THE FUNKOS!! Those brought my collection up to 5! YESSSSS!! So excited! They are seriously so cute. Just look at them on my shelf!


That concludes my book haul!! Do you guys see anything you want or received? Everyone have a safe and fun New Years!!! Talk to you in 2017 (omg I can’t believe 2016 is over…)!!



7 thoughts on “Book Haul #3

  1. That’s a fantastic deal! The only book I’ve read out of those was I’ll Give You The Sun. I read Agatha Christies And Then There Were None a couple years ago for school. It was definitely a creepy read. I love your bookcase!! Great book haul 😀

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  2. Nice haul, you got some pretty cool books! I’ve only read We Were Liars, The Unexpected Everything, and I’ll Give You the Sun. Morgan Matson is my favourite author right now- I’ve read all her books under that name and they’ve all been 4.5-5 stars. I’ll Give You the Sun was pretty good, though not a favourite of mine. And We Were Liars was just okay- I really wanted to like it more but I couldn’t😕 . I hope you enjoy all your new reads!💗

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