The Best Gift for A Harry Potter Lover

So I received an AWESOME Christmas gift from my boyfriend this year. He made me a Pensieve (the thing that holds the memories in Harry Potter) and he put some little capsules with some of our memories in it!! Let’s start up with some pictures so you guys see what I mean.

So we have Hedwig, Snape’s Wand, the bowl, and the little capsules with the memories.
Extra little capsules with paper to fit inside.
He painted the bowl himself!!!

So I don’t know about you guys, but I was so touched when Joshua gave this to me. It is just so cute and I have featured on my bookshelf so that everyone sees it when they walk in.


I’m just so excited about it. My very own Pensieve definitely receives the best gift ever award. Josh also ordered little magnets that are supposed to fit on the tops of the capsules and on the tip of the wand, so we can catch the memories. They are currently on back order, but I cannot wait until we add them!

So that’s all for today, folks! What do you all think? Is this not the coolest gift ever or nah??



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