Book Review: Saffire

*I received this book for review from Blogging for Books, but all opinions are my own.*

Hello friends! I have a book review for you today!! I feel like I haven’t read much at all recently (well, I haven’t), but I finally finished this book. I hope you are all doing well transitioning back into school and work after the holidays!


Number of Stars: 4/5

Non-Spoilery Review:

I was very back and forth with this book. Before starting it, I was in quite the reading slump and was worried that this book would not help with that, but it kind of did. It had some moments of suspense that drew me in and made me want to know more, but it also had moments where I was simply bored. There would be times where there would be a lot of description and it didn’t hold my interest as well.

I did like the main character in this book, James Holt. He was sarcastic in every situation and it added great comical relief. His relationship with Miskimon (an inspector) was so entertaining throughout the entire book! I found James Holt’s relationship with Saffire (a child who lost her mother) endearing because he quickly became attached to her.


James Holt is asked to look as if he is trying to find more information out about what happened to Saffire’s mother. They did find a letter from her mother, but Saffire doesn’t believe what it says. Shortly after starting his search, he starts to face dangers. Dangers that could easily kill him. (ohhhhh don’t you wanna read it now??)

This book takes place during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency. The Panama Canal is being dug and mysterious things keep happening, but nobody knows who is causing all of the problems.


Spoilery Review:

I must say, this book surprised me. The “bad guy” wasn’t who I thought it’d be. Frankly, this book didn’t really feel like a full-fledged mystery until the very end. I never guessed that Raquel’s fiancé would be the man that he turned out to be. (Raquel is Saffire’s older half sister; James Holt and Raquel do have a small romance throughout the book.)

When Amador (Raquel’s fiancé) is first brought into the book, I thought he was just a snobby, prissy, fat man (no insult intended here…okay, maybe a little). That was exactly like I pictured him. I also didn’t see him as a smart individual. He proved me wrong.


Amador was the cause of literally EVERYTHING in this book. He was responsible for Saffire’s mother’s death. He was responsible for the accidents during the building of the canal (he caused deaths of numerous people by paying them to tamper with miscellaneous objects). He was responsible for the torture James Holt had to endure for his investigation. So, as you can see, Amador ended up being pretty sly.

One of the most notable moments from this book was when James Holt was tortured. I took it as he got electrocuted and I felt legit fear for him during the scene. Another notable scene was the amazing, but unsatisfying ending. Amador holds James Holt at gunpoint, but also kills Saffire’s father. I say that the ending was unsatisfying because I still have questions.


I am just assuming that Raquel and James Holt end up getting married because that is the direction in which they seemed to be moving. The ending just felt very rushed. I would have liked some more conclusion. It felt as if the book reached its climax, then immediately ended. However, the overall story line was still very well thought out and presented.


I hope you all enjoyed this review! What have you been reading? Have you ever read a book by Sigmund Brouwer?



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