I’m Back! + Changes for the Future of ALSOJ

Hello everyone! So I’ve been gone for….awhile….BUT I am back! I completed my second year of college (time flies, whoa), and I will now be working all summer, meaning I will have time to start blogging again. I am super duper excited to start writing and interacting with you all again!

I'm Back

Confession time: I have not picked up my book since January. *gasp* I know, I know…I can’t even really be called a bookworm at this point. *cries* However, friends, I will start reading again this summer, so reviews and other bookish posts will be coming at ya! There will be changes coming to this wonderful blog of mine, though. I have realized that niching down just isn’t for me right now; I have so many interests. For example: I LOVE makeup, and I want to share this love.

Basically, I am just making you all aware that ALSOJ will not contain only bookish posts for the time being. If I feeling like reviewing the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea palette (which I recently bought, and love, so there will probably be a review), then I shall. If I want to gush about how I get money back for my receipts, I most definitely will (because who doesn’t love some side cash??). But don’t worry guys, there will still be bookish posts! I already have one in mind! Just bear with me as I try to find myself in the blogging universe!

Time for a little life update. So, as I said, I finished my second year of college! Three more years and I will become a full-fledged adult and enter the workforce full time! Scary, but SO exciting to think about! So what all happened this semester? Well, I joined an engineering sorority. This is super out of character of me, but when we transitioned into the new year, I promised myself that I’d try new things and get out of my comfort zone (I believe I mentioned this in my New Year’s Resolutions post.). I’ve already met some amazing girls, and I got my Big who is so sweet and we are turning out to be incredibly similar individuals!

A couple weeks ago, I saw The Chainsmokers in concert and it was a blast! It was my way of celebrating another successful semester. Then, the weekend following the concert (the concert was on a Wednesday), I went to an indoor waterpark. So you could say that my “summer break” is turning out to be a really good time!

Well, that is all I have for now. Give me some feedback down below on what you want to see on ALSOJ in the future! College advice? Relationship advice? Lists? You name it, I will see what I can do! Also, welcome to all you lovely new followers! Thank you for supporting me, you guys are fantastic!

Much Love – Jamie


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