Friday Favorites Edition 1: My Favorite YouTubers

As some of you may or may not know, I am kind of obsessed with YouTube. In particular, I love to watch book-related videos, beauty/lifestyle videos or vlogs! I wanted to share a list of the YouTubers I have been loving lately. If you love YouTube, then keep reading!

  1. KirstenLeighty – I have watched her for YEARS. She does planner videos, beauty videos, and hauls. I typically don’t watch her planner videos, but I love her other videos!!
  2. Brianandkirstentv – Brian and Kirsten’s little family is ADORABLE. Kirsten’s main channel is the first one I listed (kirstenleighty) and this little family vlogs almost daily. I never miss a video!
  3. Katie Legate – I have been subscribed to Katie for quite some time, but I didn’t start watching her videos loyally until recently. She’s been doing “My College Life” vlogs and I love them. They are very true to what college life is like, so I really relate to her! She also does beauty videos!
  4. EleventhGorgeous – The two sisters who make videos for this channel are awesome!! They do beauty videos. Unlike other YouTubers, they review a lot of drugstore makeup. Also, they are super funny and inspiring!
  5. Zoella – Zoe is adorable and inspiring. She is British and beautiful. I love watching all of her videos! She does beauty and lifestyle videos.
  6. MoreZoella – This is Zoe’s vlog channel. She vlogs occasionally, and they are always entertaining to watch!
  7. PointlessBlogVlogs – The creator behind the Pointless Blog brand is Alfie, Zoe’s boyfriend. Zalfie (Zoe and Alfie) are so cute and I love any videos with them in it. Alfie vlogs every single day and I have really been enjoying watching his videos!
  8. PointlessBlogGames – This is the only gameplay channel that I have been watching. The reason I included this channel is because I’ve been obsessed with The Sims lately. Zoe and Alfie are doing a Sims 4 series that I have been keeping up with. They have convinced me that I really need to buy the game. My sister claims that I’ve “reached a new level of weird” because I enjoy watching these videos. Lol!


Do any of you like to watch YouTube? What are your favorite channels? I go through phases where sometimes I will be obsessed with beauty– videos, other times– book videos, and other times– vlogs! I will post updated lists as my obsessions change. However, I’m always looking for new YouTubers to support and watch, so tell me any and all channels that you guys think I would like!

Have a Fabulous Day – Jamie


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