Limited Edition Book Boyfriend Box: The Infernal Devices

*I realize this post is up wayyy late, but I still wanted to share everything for those who haven’t seen what was in the box!*         

Hello hello hello!! I hope everyone is having/has had a fantastic day! Today, I am bringing you my unboxing of the Limited Edition Book Boyfriend Box, which was themed around The Infernal Devices series. When I saw this, I thought how I NEEDED it. Also, I had never purchased a box from a subscription service so I decided to give it a try! Let’s get on with the unboxing.

*Side Note: sorry for the bad pictures in this post. I thought I had taken better ones. Forgive me. :/


Item #1: A pen (aka stele) from Dynamic Alley

So this is a really really cool design for a pen, but I wasn’t very impressed with the paint job. On the bright side, I am now one step closer to being a shadowhunter, right? Haha!

Item #2: The mini print by Taratjah

Item #3: A little mirror

Item #4: Clockwork angel necklace


Item #5: A candle by Wick and Fable

This candle smells wonderful! I am very pleased with it. I have never been one to burn candles, and now I really want more!!

Item #6: Lotion by Amber Hollows

I not only love the name of this lotion, but the quality and the smell as well! I put it on last week, then gave my two dogs baths and I could STILL smell it on my hands afterwards.


Item #7: A tote bag



Alright, so overall, this was a cool box. I really like the candle, lotion, tote bag, and the mini print. These are definitely items I wouldn’t have chosen to buy for myself, so it was fun to get them in a box like this as a surprise! I am not sure if I will be purchasing another Book Boyfriend Box in the near future, but I might try some other subscription services!

Now, PLEASE share some of your favorite Etsy shops with me! I really want to support people who create their own business. I already have one shop in particular I plan to buy from in the near future. One of my bookstagram friends owns it. She makes candles and bookmarks! Check out her shop: Flameworks Creations.

Did you guys receive this box? If so, did you like the items? What is your favorite subscription service? What is your favorite item of the one I received?

❤ – Jamie


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