Friday Favorites Edition #2: My Favorite TV Shows

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites! Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite TV shows with you guys! These will all be shows that I start over throughout the year just because they are THAT fantastic.

  1. 90210 (the newer version) – I will never stop raving about this show because I will never stop loving it. I know this because I have restarted it maybe 10 times…or more. All of the episodes are on Netflix and I will cry the day that they are taken off! It takes place in California and revolves around a bunch of spoiled rich kids, so there is a TON of drama. I love watching that kind of stuff!!! And of course, the romance is my favorite. ❤ I think I love this show so much because the ending was just perfect.
  2. Gossip Girl – Oh my my my! Gossip Girl is equivalent to 90210 in the aspects of drama and spoiled rich kids. This TV show takes place in the Upper East Side in New York, and it also has a perfect ending. I just love this show and have restarted it soooo many times. All of the episodes are on Netflix, too!
  3. Switched at Birth – This show is almost over (sadly), but it is on Netflix! I liked the earlier seasons the most, but I still love the show (don’t mind the fact that I am behind)! It revolves around two girls who were switched at birth and when they find out/how their lives change/etc. It is full of drama and other good stuff!
  4. The Fosters – This show is also still playing, and I have loved it from the very beginning. It follows Stef and Lena, who begin to foster Callie and Jude. A lot of crazy stuff goes down (more drama…yum) and there are so many good messages throughout the show regarding family and having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences may be for your own life!
  5. Young & Hungry – This TV show is quite different from all of the others on this list because it is a comedy! I love all of the characters in this show; they are hilarious! It is primarily about a chef who starts working for a really rich guy. I really don’t want to give anything away because I am a hater of spoilers of any kind, so just please go watch the first episode (yes, it is on Netflix)! It is only 20ish minutes long! You WILL laugh, I promise!!


This is a short list, but I only wanted to mention shows that instantly came to my mind because I love them THAT much! Have any of you seen these shows? Do you love them too (say yes…or else (jk, I wouldn’t hurt a fly))? What shows do you love? I love recommendations! J

Bye For Now ❤ – Jamie


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites Edition #2: My Favorite TV Shows

  1. I stopped watching Gossip Girl in the middle. I couldn’t handle it anymore – was there no one else in New York City those kids could date? Lol. I will go check out Young and Hungry, never even heard of it!

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