About Me

Hello, all! Welcome to A Little Slice of Jamie. I’m Jamie, the creator behind this lovely blog. I just finished my second year of college. I am studying Mechanical engineering. School is super time confusing, so I don’t typically post when I am taking classes. Currently, I am on co-op (working full time), so I have free time (yay!!!). I will then continue on a rotation of co-op, then school, then co-op again, and so on.

I hope to post 2-3 times every week. The topics I will be posting about include: beauty, books, relationships, college, and money. I have a TON of interests and hobbies, so I don’t want to limit myself here; it is a creative sharing space, after all! Feel free to email me or comment on my posts for what you’d like me to write about, or if you want to guest post. I would love to work with some of you and get to know you! 🙂