Vampire Academy: A Rant


Hello friends! Today, I am here with a slight rant (I apologize in advance). No, this isn’t a rant about the Vampire Academy book….it’s a rant about the movie. I know it came out, like, two years ago…..buuuttt I am still mad about it, so here goes.

Vampire Academy

Let’s start with the characters. Was anybody else annoyed with their choice for Dimitri!? Now c’mon. The movie-Dimitri wasn’t my book-Dimitri. Movie-Dimitri was kind of annoying (I could be alone in this). Honestly, I don’t know why I thought that. Dimitri just didn’t meet my expectations, in case you can’t tell. In my mind, he was supposed to be PERFECTION. And he wasn’t.

Oh my gosh. Now, let’s talk about Natalie. Maybe she was a good fit in the fact that she was the hovering cousin, but the scene where she turned Strigoi I couldn’t take her seriously. It felt like they were making it into a joke and it irritated me. I wasn’t anxious, I was just blah; this is fake.

I like the character for Rose because she had the sass, but there was TOO MUCH sass. This also made the movie feel like a joke (and I was so excited for this movie, so can you imagine my disappointment?). The moments that should have been serious were too snarky. Maybe I was just set with too high of expectations.

I could nitpick every character, but I won’t make you suffer through that. I have actually watched the Vampire Academy movie many many times. You are probably wondering why I would do that if I hate it so much. Okay, it isn’t that I HATE it, I just don’t think it was even close to being as good as the book. That series is one of my all time favorites and when I found out it was going to be a movie, I watched every trailer and looked at every picture.

I watched the movie for the first time with my older sister on a plane ride. She liked the movie. I didn’t. She had never read the book. I had.

I’m trying to get into photography. My books were my subject on this day.

I decided to try watching the movie again a couple weeks later (I wanted to like it so bad) and it got better the second time. Then, I got very sick with the flu about six months later and watched the movie like five times. And I LOVED it. (My sister didn’t understand what was up with me that week because all I wanted to watch was vampire movies and tv shows.)

So, if I like the movie now, then why am I writing this rant? Well, I started rereading Vampire Academy last week and from the first page I got frustrated about the movie all over again. I just feel like the movie didn’t do the book justice.

My dog got jealous of the attention I was giving my books…

The most frustrating scene was the romantic scene between Rose and Dimitri. In the movie, it was so awkward and what was that that Rose said at the beginning of the scene?? “Sweet sassy molassy.” Way to make that scene such a joke and not romantic! That was the most annoying scene in the entire movie.

A plant has fallen. A true tragedy. (It’s okay I promise.)

Alright, that’s enough for this rant! What did you think of the Vampire Academy movie? Have you read the books? If not, you definitely should! They are amazing! What book-movie adaptations have you hated?