Do Good With Your Money: 17 Sites With Good Intentions

Hi! I wanted to go ahead and share something with you guys that I have recently been a huge advocate for. Which is….drum roll please…websites that donate some of their profit to people or animals in need! There is nothing like the feeling I get when I know I have done something to help others. If any of you feel the same as me, then I think you will love this list!


Side Note: None of these sites contacted me and I included them all based off of my own research.

Doing Good With Money

  1. The UNICEF Market has some really cool items. This site has anything from jewelry to home décor and I’ve found a lot that I would love to buy as gifts. I have heard that this site does not donate very much, but just the fact that they donate is awesome! This site claims that buying their items will help to save children’s lives and support talented artisans.
I’m In love with this necklace! It is so adorable!!
Well look at that pretty shirt.


  1. Third Eye Gemstones sells some very pretty and unique bracelets. They donate 30 days of water to someone in need with each bracelet purchased. I highly recommend checking out this website because they are really impacting the world. They have already completed the construction of a well in Ethiopia!
Third Eye Gemstones 2
My owl obsession is healthy, I swear! But I am in love with this bracelet!
Third Eye Gemstones 3
Not all of their bracelets have animal charms.


  1. Do you like sea turtles? Would you like to help save the sea turtles? Well, if you answered yes, then you should check out Devoted to the Ocean. They give 20% of their net profit to sea turtle rescue and ocean conservation. For the most part, they have jewelry, but they have some clothing as well.
Devoted To Ocean 3
I think the infinity sign is still “in,” but regardless, I like these bracelets!
Devoted To Ocean 2
If this sweatshirt wasn’t $60 I would buy it right this second. There’s a good chance it will be on my birthday list…who’s with me?!


  1. Ten Thousand Villages is a great site for gifts. I purchased some items from them for Christmas gifts this past year for some of my family members. They literally have anything and everything on their site. Ten Thousand Villages was founded to get those living in poverty to become self-sustained artisans.
Ten Thousand Villages 3
This box is just so unique so I HAD to include it.
Ten Thousand Villages 6
I am addicted to books, so when I saw this book box I just thought “YASSS.”
Ten Thousand Villages 5
This is too cute. Looks like the perfect Easter decoration to me!
Ten Thousand Villages 4
Again, so so cute.


  1. Another really cool site is Tentree. Their name is quite clever; they plant ten trees for every item that is purchased. Whoa. I don’t know why, but I love that idea. The site has some really cute clothing that I really want to buy, but it’s kind of pricey. Even if you don’t want to purchase anything, you should definitely visit the site and check out the tree map (pictured below). It tells you how many trees have been planted in each country. Also, it has a map with icons that say what a person’s trees are doing in a location. So cool!
Tentree 2
For some reason, this sweatshirt gives me a Twilight vibe (yes, I am talking about the vampire romance) and I am liking it!
Tentree 3
Blue is my favorite color, so this shirt kinda spoke to me.
Tentree 4
Here is the awesome tree map I talked about. Just bare with me and my random geek-out moments.


  1. If you are a dog or cat lover, you are going to LOVE this site. It is called The Animal Rescue Site Store. There are so many items on this site—most of them being animal related. If you sift through the 250-some pages of stuff, you can find some cool items. (No, I have not looked at all the pages.) The thing I love most about this site is how it tells you how many bowls of food your purchase is providing. Click on an item and you will see what I mean! I purchased one of the items from this site for my mom for Mother’s Day and it is So. Cute. Side note: this site also has other organizations that just take a click to transfer to their shop.
I took this on my phone so it isn’t the greatest quality, but I think it shows how cute it is! It is solar powered, hence the solar panel, and changes color throughout the night. It isn’t super bright, but not super dim either, so it is perfect. I was kind of worried it would scare our dogs (they are such chickens sometimes) or cause them to bark (they bark at EVERYTHING, except when people come into the office….doesn’t that make a lot of sense??), but it didn’t!
  1. Coupaw is a site affiliated with The Animal Rescue Site (I didn’t know this until I ordered something from Coupaw…which is picture below). They sell pet items at a discount, but they still give food to animals in need.

I couldn’t resist buying this bed when I saw it!
However, the dogs still seem a bit confused on how to get into it. It isn’t as big as I thought it’d be. Fits Koda pretty snugly!!
See? Super snug!
On the other hand, it is perfect for my sister’s dog!

  1. The American Heart/Stroke Association also has items for sale. Purchasing from their store helps with research efforts. They have lots of different types of items, such as clothes or stationary. All of the items are heart or stroke related, but the proceeds definitely go towards a good cause
Shop Heart 2
Who doesn’t love a sophisticated zip up?
Shop Heart 3
AND who doesn’t love a fuzzy blanket?


  1. Bead for Life is very similar to Ten Thousand Villages in the fact that it helps women in poverty to become self-sustained artisans. As you can probably guess, this site sells jewelry. This organization holds a 6-month schooling opportunity to teach the women how to become successful business women. Fun fact: Two years after graduating from the 6-month program, 81% of the women still have open businesses.
Bead For Life 2
Pretty earrings!
Bead For Life 3
This necklace style is so cute!


  1. Puravida Bracelets sells items that help support artisans in Costa Rica. The bracelets are so pretty!!
Purvida 1
These bracelets are kind of pricey, but they are really cute and this is just one example of what the site offers in regards to stacked bracelets.
Purvida 2
Man, another infinity sign? Yup, another addiction.


  1. Love Your Melon sells multiple different types of items (hats, shirts, and a few other items). The company aims to give every child battling cancer a hat. In addition, they recently started to donate some of their profits to the fight against pediatric cancer.
Love Your Melon 1
There used to be more hats on this site, so I am assuming they will be coming out with new styles soon, but this hat is very simple and cute!
Love Your Melon 2
A mug for you coffee drinkers, or for us hot chocolate drinkers.


  1. Global Goods Partners helps to bridge the gap between artisans in third world countries and the United States. They buy the artisans’ products and sell them here in the good ol’ USA. 30% of the proceeds from each sale go to the artisan partners.
Global Goods 1
A wallet made from recycled tire? That’s pretty cool!
Global Goods 2
This necklace is so cool!!


  1. Sudara is a company that sells Punjammies: comfy pants made by women in India who have escaped human trafficking. The founder, Shannon Keith, started the organization to give the women in sex trafficking a form of income that doesn’t involve selling themselves.
Punjammies 1
Comfy pants? A girl’s best friend!!
Punjammies 2
Yay for all things comfy!!


  1. The National Wildlife Federation puts money toward protecting wildlife and wild places (as you probably already know…lol), but here is a link to their store.
American Wildlife Federation 1
If you don’t like this pattern on the scarf, the same pattern is on a bag on the site. It was super cute!
American Wildlife Federation 2
Lol at this shirt. No, but really, I want this.
American Wildlife Federation 3
Ok, don’t hate on me, but I HAD to include this. There are options from $25…
American Wildlife Federation 4
…to $100.


  1. SERRV is another organization that helps give artisans in third world countries a form of income. After reading their about page, they sound exactly like Ten Thousand Villages and some of the other websites I have talked about in this post.
Purses…gotta have em.
So pretty.


  1. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s gift shop as many different items that will go towards St. Jude’s research. Go help fight childhood cancer!
St. Jude's 1
Ok, now THIS is an adorable picture frame, don’t you agree?
St. Jude's 2
Who has consistently written in a journal throughout their life? I have tried, I really have, but I am so bad at it! I wish I could be dedicated enough to keep up with it.


  1. Kohl’s Cares puts 100% of their net profit towards health intiatives for children nationwide. Since 2000, almost $300 million has been raised! How cool is that?
Kohl's Cares 1
Kohl's Cares 2
Teddy and Dino!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! It took a little while to complete, so it is going up a little later in the day than I would have liked, but it was worth the time! Let me know of any shops you know of that are like the ones in this list! Thanks for reading! 🙂