The Easiest DIY Dog Toy Ever

I am big on upcycling when possible. The other day, I found a bunch of pairs of old socks that were too stretched out to keep or donate, so I came up with a use for them. A toy for the many dogs in our family (when us three kids are home, there are four dogs in our house). Give this post a read for a quick and easy DIY toy for your fur baby!

DIY Dog Toy


  • Old socks
  • Your own two hands


Start out with two socks.


Tie them together like so…


It should now look like this.


Pull the sock you tied on until it is as tight as possible (wouldn’t want those puppies to pull it all apart during playtime!).


Grab another sock and tie it to one of the four sides of the previous step (I tried to choose the longest side to make it a bit easier for myself). BUT beware because your dog may get jealous at this point and force you to give him attention…


…He loves having his picture taken! Can you tell?

After getting Koda to stay out of the picture for a bit, I got this result.


Do this until all of your socks are used and yay! You have yourself a dog toy!


You could say Koda is pretty excited….or maybe he is just yawning? Let’s go with excited. 😉 (I made the bigger one earlier this week, but wanted to make a smaller one for my sister’s dog.)


Let me know what your dog thinks. Well, go ahead and let me know what you think, too! I’d love to see what kinds of DIY dog toys you have made.