2017 Goals + Resolutions

Hello all!  I hope you are all getting accustomed to writing “2017” instead of “2016” for the date (I know it’ll take me awhile to get used to it). Today, I wanted to share with you all my goals for 2017!! I’d love to know what all of your goals are too, so tell me in the comments!

2017 Goals.jpg

I’d like to read 50 books this year. I can honestly say that I don’t even know if I’ll accomplish this, but I am going to try. On January 9th, I’ll be starting classes again, so I will be very busy with homework. I really want to make time for reading, though. Reading relaxes me and I will need to have ways to relax because I get VERY stressed out when I’m taking classes.

As for my blog, I’d like to post about 75 times this year. I am making this very low so I don’t stress myself out. This is a hobby for me, so I am not going post if I don’t have the time. Maybe I’ll end up surprising myself!

I’d like to post about 100 times on Instagram. So I’m going to be living in an apartment that has a TON of windows and I am SO EXCITED!! I have always loved rooms with lots of windows because I love natural light. This will also help with Instagram photos because I will have great natural lighting! Also, I have my own room, so I don’t need to worry about a roommate thinking I’m weird for taking pictures of my books (lol).

I plan to buy less books so that I can start lessening the number of books on my TBR shelves. I will admit it. I have way too many books that I have yet to read. I really want to get through as many as possible before buying more books. I am still going to accept books for review and I’ll still ask for books for my birthday, but I will refrain from buying books with my own money (unless Book Outlet has another great sale).

I want to reread the Harry Potter series. I even drew my boxed set onto my 2017 reading goals sheet! I have been wanting to read them for awhile now, but I never get around to it. It WILL happen this year!

Try new things. I hope to get out of my comfort zone in 2017. I want to learn more and try new things when opportunities come up. I made sure to do this when I first started college, and I’ve met more friends because of it.

Stay Motivated. I do see myself as a pretty motivated individual, but I do go through periods where I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. This feeling will last for a week or two and I always just feel like crap about myself, but can’t seem to get myself to do anything. Hopefully, I can stay motivated all through 2017. I really want this to apply throughout this coming semester of school. I always fizzle out by the end of the semester, but I don’t want that to happen anymore.

Get up to 200 followers on my blog. I realize that this is probably a very high goal, but I do think it is possible. I started my blog in May and have almost 60 followers. I really think I could get to 200! Regardless, I get excited when anybody starts following my blog. It is hard to believe that people enjoy reading my ramblings!

Get up to 300 followers on my bookstagram. Gaining followers on bookstagram has been really hard for me, but I keep trying. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want my theme to be and everything. I am really loving my current theme, but I am moving again soon so I’ll have to change it AGAIN. Ugh. Maybe 2017 will help me figure out what the heck I am doing on bookstagram!

Meet and make bookish friends. I don’t know how people become friends in this community. I’ll hear people say how they are best friends with someone they met through their blog or bookstagram and I sit here like, “how?!?!?” I don’t know guys…I just don’t know. Lol. It is a good time here regardless, though, because you are all SO NICE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS!!

Do some more guest posts and have others guest post on my blog. I really want some people to guest post on my blog this year, and I’d love to do some guests posts myself. I have done one guest post and it was for Everything and Nothin’. You can read it here, and while your at it, take a look around on the blog!


So what are some of your goals for 2017?? How many books do you want to read?



For the Love of Swagbucks: How to Make Some Extra Money Online


I’ve been signed up for a site called Swagbucks for over two years. In that time of off and on activity, I’ve made $298.29 of extra money. When I say off and on activity, I mean that there were months at a time where I didn’t do a single thing on the site, so I’d say that that is a pretty nice amount of money for just occasional spurts of dedication on the site!

Computer 1.


Now, you might be thinking “What is this Swagbucks site you are talking about? Tell me more!” I will now oblige. Swagbucks is one of those sites that gives you easy ways to make extra money online. Here are some of these easy ways…

  1. Surveys. This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are lots of surveys that can be completed on the site! You have to be qualified, and I have had trouble with getting to that point, so I don’t usually make many Swagbucks through surveys. However, you get 1 SB when you aren’t qualified for a survey!


  1. Videos. Swagbucks has lots and lots of videos on their site that you can watch. On PC, you have to watch 20 videos to earn 3 SB (which is equivalent to 3 cents). It used to be 10 videos for 3 SBs, but I guess they thought it was too easy to gain Swagbucks that way? There’s also a SB TV app that allows you to gain SB by watching video. You can gain 2 SB for every six videos you watch; however, there is a limit to the amount of Swagbucks you can earn like this on mobile. I am not sure what it is because it keeps changing.


  1. The Daily Poll. Every single day, you can simply answer the daily poll to earn 1 SB. It only takes a few seconds, so it is super easy and quick! There is also a SB app (not the one previously mentioned, there are two apps) that allows you to do various actions, including the daily poll (and surveys and such).


  1. Coupons. Swagbucks has lots of coupons on their site that you can print. For each receipt you actually use, you get 10 SB.


  1. Search. Using the Swagbucks search engine is another easy way to earn some SB. You don’t earn with every single search, but I’ve noticed that you can get SB for at least one search every day. You could get as much as 50 SB to as little as 5 SB, but if you need to search anyway, why not just use Swagbucks?

Swagbucks- Search.png

  1. Shopping. Okay, so you aren’t making extra money with this one, but you are getting a little bit of money back for shopping online! Usually, if I am about to order online, I’ll search the site on SB to see if I’ll earn anything for buying something on the site. (If not, I just order anyway, but I always gotta check!) It can range from 1 SB per dollar to 10 SB per dollar, which can really add up!!


  1. Playing Games. There are only, like, three free games on this site, but playing them can earn you some SB! Last time I played, I was gaining 2 SB for almost every other game, but I think it varies. Other than the free games, there are games you have to pay for, which look to be around 18 SB per $1, but I have never played these.


  1. Daily Crave. For this, all you gotta do is explore a couple of pages for a certain amount of time (there is a countdown) and then click whether you like it or not. From my experience, there are two pages you have to explore, and in return, you get 1 SB.

Swagbucks- Daily Crave.png

  1. Daily Offers. (NOSO) This is a really easy way to earn some Swagbucks. Basically, a bunch of offers are given to you and you can either sign up for them, or just click through them all (there is a “Skip” option on all of the offers). In return, you get 2 SB.

Swagbucks- Daily Offers

  1. Discover. There are always lots of little things you can do from the main page to earn SB. Sometimes there are single videos you can watch for 2 SB, and there are always things to do where you have to explore a bunch of pages (there is a countdown) and you’ll earn 2-3 SB.


Those are all the easier ways to earn SB and when you do a bunch, it can really add up! This is by no means a full time job, but I have found it a great place to earn Amazon gift cards! They have lots of other options too, like Walmart, Ebay, Paypal, Target, etc. I usually go for the Amazon gift cards because Amazon is my favorite webstore (they have everything!!).

What do I try to do everyday on Swagbucks?

  • Daily Poll
  • Allowed amount of videos on SB TV
  • Daily Crave
  • Daily Offers
  • Search

I’m not always successful with this, but when I am, it really adds up!!

Have I convinced you to join Swagbucks? If you want to join, I will include my referral link. I do gain SB for you joining (and for some other things that you do on the site), so if you don’t wish to use my referral link, that is perfectly fine with me!

Referral link: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/JamieAmanda1996

I hope you enjoyed this post on how I earn some extra money on my favorite site. I have not had any problems with it being untrustworthy, so I always encourage people to join. I use lots of other sites to make money, but this is one I always come back to! What sites do you use to make money online?